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So you want to run your own corporation, and wonder what the first step might be? We can help. Norris Law Firm, P.C. can assist you in creating either a for profit or nonprofit corporation.

We will work with you on drafting corporate by-laws, preparing and filing your charter, assist you in your state and local tax registration, and help you apply for a Federal Tax Identification Number. And, once you have your corporation up and running, we can help you stay compliant with the Secretary of State as well as advise you on contract creation and liability matters. Contact us today and let us help you create and protect your life’s work.

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The Norris Law Firm, P.C. offers its clients reliable, confidential and quality legal advocacy and counseling. We strive to serve our clients with a “hands on” approach only available in the small office setting, along with professionalism, speed, and accuracy.

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